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The history of Saragano

The little village of Saragano gets its name from the roman consul Lucio Licinio Sura, a skillful general and a great friend of Traiano (they were so close that he is represented in the Colonna Traiana in Rome). Licinio Sura loved spending his holidays in this place due to its green landscapes and tranquility. From the name Suragano we get Saragano, the current name of one of the main Longobardic castles of the district of Gualdo Cattaneo. We know little of its past! We know that it was attacked by Perugia in 1320 and according to a tale, the people of Saragano fought against the people of Perugia and offered them a calf claiming it had gold inside, when in reality it didn’t. After that, the village was conquered by Todi and later Saragano became part of the district of Gualdo Cattaneo, known as the village of Medieval castles.

In the village you can admire three churches. The first is a parish where you can find a baptisimal font and a big painting of Madonna and child created by Sensini in 1600. The second is that of Saint Peter in Romanesque style with frescos of the 15th and 16th centuries, and the third is the church of Saint Mary which is situated on our land.