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The structure

Holiday bedrooms and apartments in Umbria

The restorations of the old farm houses, which remained uninhabited over the years, started around 1998. Italy was already considered the “Garden of Europe” where foreigners liked spending their holidays.

It was at that time that the green landscape of Umbria’s countryside, our towns and cities, rich in art and all our castles and….our good restaurants where you can taste wines, extra virgin oils and all the typical products of our region, were becoming a big attraction for all the lovers of beauty and nature.

This is why Aldino and Gianni decided to build a holiday farm in Umbria: they began working at the house “Portoreschi” and continued with those near the father house and the oil mill. The aim was to build welcoming apartments that provided comfortable facilities for families who love being independent, respecting the old chimneys and laundries and all family furniture. Today we are planning to add more bedrooms for shorter stays.