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Clerici Farm

Umbria’s extra virgin olive oil sales

The history of Clerici Farm, originating in Umbria, is closely linked to that of its founding members, Mario and Aldino, father and son. Both passionate about their land, they started a successful business over the years: such as agriculture and various cultivations, mostly vineyards and olive trees, and farming and the marketing of their products.


In 1945, Aldino came back from the Russian countryside, without his father Mario and broadened the borders of his farm, adding the lands of Alinda, his wife. With the help of her mother Laura and the peasants of the farm, he farmed them with passion and effort, expanding the preexisting businesses, and marketing his oil after the purchase of an oil mill in 1948.

The job of Clerici Farm went on throughout the seasons and the historical events until 1986. This is when Gianni, Aldino’s son in law, became a member of the farm and quickly became fond of the activity of his father in law.

AldinoNowadays Gianni and his family, look after the corn fields, the olive trees, the vineyards and the oil mill. Hehimself follows carefully the production of the extra virgin olive oil that is finally packaged and addressed to the market all over Italy and Europe, with the aim of reaching the maximum quality. In 1988, with the renting of apartments and bedrooms, agritourism was included with the other activities of the farm.